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Every business needs a web site today.  The internet search engines has replaced the “Real Yellow Page” just like the cell phone has replaced the pay phone and is replacing the home phone. For many small to medium size businesses, the problems of “having a web site” are legion.  The main problems involve initial expense, getting the features appropriate for a particular industry, keeping the content fresh in a timely manner and finding a reliable service provider.  Did you know there will be over 10 Billion online searches conducted every day on Google, Yahoo and MSN?  Out of those searches, 74% of people use the searches are for finding goods and services that can be purchased from local businesses. Your company needs to be found in these search results. If your company isn't being found currently, would you like to be? Better yet, would you like to have top placement on these search engines? If your answer is yes, give us a call or send an email  and we'll contact you.


We have implemented over 50,000 Web Solutions and we have the answers to these problems! 


Our company has been in business since 1992 and has been creating web sites since 1998.  It hosts thousands of web sites. Instead of developing each site independently, we have created a system which allows us to create a new site with all of the features of similar sites.  This allows us to create full featured,  reliable web sites at a fraction of the cost of creating a similar site “from scratch.”  We give you a site with no charge for changes (unlimited AND you can make them yourself with no programming knowledge), no extra charge for extra pages, no extra charge unlimited technical support and much more.


Our company has templates for hundreds of different types of business.  It is almost always easy to find a template that matches your business.  It also has a very full featured family web site system.  One of the unique features of our system is that you and your staff can make changes to the site at any time.  Our unique What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor gives you an editor that looks and acts like MS Word.  You can edit your pages until they are exactly what you want.  You can also have our staff make the changes.


Here are a few videos from MA Webcenters that give you a quick overview of the features that will be available on your new website.


There are two ways to proceed. 1)  You can use the MA Web Center software to create a demo site for your company. Click on this link to try this option   2) You can contact us and we will set up a short appointment to show you a demo.  Contact us if you choose option 2.


Either way one of our Product Specialists will be happy to give you a no-cost walk through and explain the features and the pricing.  Contact us when you are ready.


We look forward to working with you.


There is another product available that can also help your company. We can provide a live person to answer your phone when you or your staff are busy, at lunch, or on the road. This person can take messages, take orders, set appointments and more. You get up to 100 minutes for $139.95/month.   You can click on button below and go to a web site that covers all of the options. (If you decide to purchase this plan you will be asked for a code. Use 454 551 995. ) Click on this link to go to the Business Receptionist web site.


By the Way - If you know a small to medium sized company that needs a web site, contact me. I will make a proposal to them.  If they purchase a site, I will pay you $200 to $400.   Think about it, you probably know someone!

Note: I am looking for partners to help sell these web sites. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, email or call me. The contact information is on the Contact Page.